Sukhothai, Thailand. 2013

Sukhothai, Thailand. 2013

Nara, Japan. 2015

Nara, Japan. 2015

Marrakech, Morocco. 2014

Marrakech, Morocco. 2014

Nevada, USA. 2008

Nevada, USA. 2008


I am a multi-discipline designer who loves to create experiences that are a pleasure to view, and easy to use.

Design Thinking
Sympathetic Design
Information Design & UI
User Experience Design (UX)
Graphic Design
Identity, Branding, & brand strategy
Art Direction
Campaign Design & development
Focus group moderator
Teamwork/group and interpersonal skills/communication

My passion for aesthetics and functionality led me on a logical path to Design. The training I have in Graphic Design and Industrial Design provided a solid understanding of the design process.

MY HOLISTIC APPROACH: Everything that can be designed, should be designed well. Subtle details are not to be overlooked, and cohesion must exist throughout the visual and interactive. When developing guidelines, I keep in mind that robustness is as vital as flexibility. And I always remember that the end user's experience is my benchmark.

A sympathetic, user-centered approach and sensitivity are my guides for user experience design solutions. I bring an openness for collaboration and an experimental, curious mindset to the design process.

1. RESEARCH: gather all relevant data from the client and user
2. STRUCTURE: develop a plan for momentum
3. STRATEGY: decide on possible solution directions
4. CREATE: iterate, evaluate, repeat

Site Maps
User Flow

HELPFUL MANTRAS: Communicate constantly. Check in with original goals, often. Look for parallels in unlikely places.


Graphic Designer, 9.2015 – Present
Music non-profit organization and venue, specializing in education, community programs, and the presentation of Jazz
In-house Graphic Designer responsible for digital and printed marketing materials, seasonal and fundraising campaigns, and program design. Coordinated external vendors and artist partnerships. Worked within, and managed, timelines, resources, and production. 

Palmer Advertising Agency
Art Director, Graphic Designer, 12.2014 – 9.2015
Boutique advertising agency specializing in solar energy, financial institutions, and healthcare
Creative lead for agency clients. Responsible for branding, ad campaigns, web design, and marketing collateral. Managed timelines, resources, and production.

See's Candies, Inc.
Graphic Designer, 1.2014-12.2014
Fine confections manufacturer, all-American brand
Responsible for packaging and seasonal retail signage, print and digital marketing, internal communications, and special promotions. Involved in See's overall re-branding development.

Graphic Designer, 5.2012 – 1.2014
Retail design and branding firm specializing in consumables and restaurant design
Agency branding Graphic Designer for major international clients, such as Wendy's, Sbarro, and Musco Olives. Worked within structured creative teams, as well as independently.

Worldwise, Inc.
Senior Graphic Designer, 3.2010 – 5.2012
Sustainable pet accessories designer and manufacturer
Designed the identity of a partnership program between Worldwise and Walmart. Responsible for brand and packaging graphics, and products for in-house brands.  

Industrial & Packaging Designer, 2.2008 – 9.2009
Consumer and professional products manufacturer
Designed for brands like Brita, STP, and Hidden Valley. Closely involved in design and consumer research during development of Visual Design Languages for major Clorox brands.

Studio One Eleven
Graphic & Packaging Designer, 2.2007 – 2.2008
Packaging Design and branding firm
Responsible for structural packaging and graphic design for brands like Orville Redenbacher and H2O+. Collaboratively designed Softsoap's Nutri Serums body wash iconic packaging. Conducted materials and secondary market research studies.

Graphic, Packaging, and Web Designer, 9.2005 – 2.2007
An award winning design firm specializing in global product-oriented brand development and Industrial Design
Lead Graphic Designer responsible for corporate identity and web design for the studio and its clients. Designed logo and packaging for Emjoi's Rotoshave, men's luxury electric razor.


Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Interdisciplinary Product Design Program
Graphic and Industrial Designer, 1.2005 – 5.2005
Team Graphic Designer responsible for design of CME's conceptual new trading floor: created print, and digital presentations, icons, renderings, and configurations of conceptual work environments.

Copco, Inc. Interdisciplinary Product Design Program
Industrial Designer, 8.2004 – 12.2004
Collaborated with a diverse team on the design of a new product for the Copco thermals division: a portable, silicone-dipped, glass bottle. Identified a consumer niche, which was previously untapped, through market research. Developed product from concept to functioning models.

• Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
• Sketch
• inVision
• Principle
• Adobe After Effects knowledge
• Keynote, Power Point
• Pre-press and production knowledge
• HTML, CSS experience
• Rhino 3D knowledge


General Assembly
San Francisco, CA, 2016
UX Intensive

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL, 2000-2005
BFA Graphic Design, BFA Industrial Design